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China Wheelset Loading/Uploading Press Machine Pictures&Photos
China Wheelset Loading/Uploading Press Machine Pictures&Photos
China Wheelset Loading/Uploading Press Machine Pictures&Photos
China Wheelset Loading/Uploading Press Machine Pictures&Photos
China Wheelset Loading/Uploading Press Machine Pictures&Photos

Wheelset Loading/Uploading Press Machine



This wheelset press machine is used for loading and dismounting the wheels of train wheelset.

Wheel Fitting Press
Train Wheelset Loading Press Machine
Train Wheel Loading Machine


  • 1. Mechanical System

  • 1) The wheel press is mainly composed of cylinder column device, resistance column device, rear column, support, base, caliper mechanism, servo support bracket device, main cylinder device, hydraulic system, electrical control system and tooling etc.

2) Cylinder column and resistance column are combined together via two supports to form a force frame. The rear column is only to support these two supports. See the following general drawing.

  • 3) The U-type opening of resistance column and rear column is side open for the convenience of mounting and dismounting. The U-type opening size can meet the requirements of the largest workpiece, and it’s only to equip with tooling to meet the needs of other workpieces.

  • China Wheelset Loading/Uploading Press Machine Pictures&Photos

  • 4) The cylinder column and rear column are both welded by cast steel and steel plate, and the chassis is welded by steel plate and section steel. All are carried out annealing treatment.
  • 5) The cylinder column is provided with a working cylinder and the piston inside is driven by oil pressure. The piston moving distance is detected by displacement senor and can display on IPC. The piston rod and tooling on resistance column cooperate with each other to achieve the mounting and dismounting of workpiece.

Cylinder device: is consisted of cylinder, piston rod, sealing element and guide mechanism etc.

Cylinder and piston rod: both use 45# forging steel. Cylinder is carried on advanced heat treatment and surface grinding treatment, while piston rod is carried on advanced heat treatment and surface hardening treatment. The moving guide of piston rod uses composite wear-resistant material with good wear-resistance and long life.

The main cylinder is equipped with pressure sensor to collect the pressure signal of cylinder to provide reliable pressure data to control system.

Guide mechanism: it ensures the precision and stability of linear motion of piston rod and prevent the piston rod from rotating in motion. It’s composed of connecting plate, guide rod and guide sleeve etc. The surface of guide rod is chrome plated and guide sleeve adopts wear resistant material.

Special ram is installed on the front end of cylinder piston rod. The direction can be adjusted when pressing to ensure the end face of ram is in good fit with end face of workpiece during the pressure output process.

6) The cylinder is cooperated with the positioning tooling to ensure the precision of pressing position.

In order to prevent the axle from upsetting during cold pressing, the press is equipped with special ram at inside of piston rod end, which adopts special structure design and is concentric with the axis of piston rod. See the following figure.

  1. China Wheelset Loading/Uploading Press Machine Pictures&Photos

  2. Caliper mechanism is installed on resistance column and can position the resistance column at different positions.

  3. China Wheelset Loading/Uploading Press Machine Pictures&Photos

  4. According to the structure of different wheelset to be mounted or dismounted, the U-type thumb forceps can be designed in different size to meet the requirements.
  5. This press is provided with 2sets of bracket device. Front bracket is installed at the right side of resistance column, and the rear bracket is installed on the guide rail of base and can move along on the guide rail. Up/down stroke of front & rear bracket can be adjusted manually. See the following figure.
  6. China Wheelset Loading/Uploading Press Machine Pictures&Photos

  7. 2. Hydraulic System

1) Hydraulic system is composed of oi tank, oil pump motor, oil pump, manifold block, hydraulic valve, pressure sensor, pressure gauge, filter and pipelines etc. All hydraulic components are installed on the oil tank.

  1. 2) Hydraulic system takes high-pressure pump and low-pressure pump as the power source, to achieve the function of feeding, fast forward, retreat and dismounting of the press.
  2. In order to adapt the different wheelset mounting and dismounting force, the system is provided with pressure sensor and remote pressure-regulating valve, so as to control the mounting and dismounting automatically and conveniently through IPC and PLC. It can adjust the mounting or dismounting speed by speed control valve. The hydraulic system and electrical control system is carried on combined control to ensure the mounting and dismounting of all kinds of wheelset. The cylinder is equipped with pressure senor to real-time detect the pressing force of wheelset and show it on display of IPC, convenient for the operator to monitor. PLC is provided with AD conversion module and can calibrate and adjust by pressure measurement device.
  3. 3) Each input and output port of hydraulic system is provided with corresponding detection point for easy maintenance and fault check. The system design takes full account of efficiency and energy saving to reduce power waste and heat generation.
  4. 4) Pipeline of oil tank and cylinder is welded by domestic high quality seamless steel tube according to the installation location of the machine.
  5. 5) Hydraulic station is produced according to GB3766-2011 “General specification of hydraulic system''.




Max working force of ram cylinder

300 tons

Qty of ram cylinder

1 pc

Ram cylinder stroke

700 mm

Pressing speed of ram cylinder

1.2 ~ 2.4 mm/s (adjustable)

Speed of ram cylinder under unload

30 ~ 55 mm/s (adjustable)

Inclination     angle     of    axis plane     on   two supports


Servo support bracket device

(Manual lift adjustment, axis direction servo)

2 sets

Working pressure of hydraulic system

31.5 MPa

Motor voltage (3 phase, AC)

380V/50HZ (±15%)

Auxiliary voltage

24V DC

Precision of pressure sensor

≤ 0.5% FS

Noise level during working

≤ 75db

Track gauge

1000 mm

Wheel weight

300 kg/wheel

Wheel diameter range

780 mm ~ 860 mm

Wheel boss inner diameter

180 mm ~ 220 mm

Axle length range

1850 mm ~ 2200 mm

Axle weight


Wheelset weight

Maximum 2500 kg