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China Sterilization Pot Pictures&Photos
China Sterilization Pot Pictures&Photos

Sterilization Pot


Food Machines

1.Energy saving: the working medium used in the sterilization process can be recycled, saving energy, time, human and material consumption, and reducing production costs.            

2. High temperature short-time sterilization adopts double tank hot water circulation for sterilization. The water in the hot water tank is heated to the temperature required for sterilization in advance, which shortens the sterilization time and improves the working efficiency.           

3. Uniform water flow exchange mode, uniform temperature, no dead angle adopts international advanced technology, using hot water circulation and immersion sterilization. In the sterilization process, the circulating water in the sterilization tank is continuously switched up and down, ensuring the uniform heat distribution at any point from heating, heat preservation to cooling in the sterilization tank, effectively eliminating the dead angle phenomenon in the sterilization process, and keeping the product safe The quality period is more stable and long-term.            

4. The temperature in the sterilization tank keeps stable in all stages of the sterilization process, ensuring the qualified rate of F value.            There are five control modes, including manual control, electrical control, computer control, computer semi-automatic control and computer full-automatic control (remote control)



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Scope of application

Western restaurant equipment, cake room equipment, leisure food plant equipment, winery equipment, tea restaurant equipment, bakery equipment, Chinese restaurant equipment, fruit and vegetable processing plant equipment, beverage store equipment, frozen food plant equipment, seasoning processing plant equipment, coffee shop equipment, meat processing plant equipment