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China Shrink Fit Tool Holder Pictures&Photos
China Shrink Fit Tool Holder Pictures&Photos

Shrink Fit Tool Holder


Metalworking, Cutting Tools


1. The use of Heat Shrink Tooling allows for greater speeds and feeds, better finishes, increased tool life, and increased productivity due to its High Speed Machining capability and simplicity of use.

2. Simple and fast to use. The total time elapsed to remove one cutting tool and insert another is less than 10 seconds.

3. Constructed with double tempered Tool Steel for exceptional durability and cycle life. No mechanical clamping devices are used. With proper use, tool holder’s life should exceed that of standard End Mill holders.

4. Chip load distributed evenly along cutting edge of tool which results in longer tool life. Tool is gripped 360°, along the entire length of the bore resulting in an evenly distributed clamping force and increased concentricity.

5. Improved balance design with no moving pieces. Low centrifugal Forces due to low holder mass.

6. Coolant through holders require no special backup screws or seals. The interference fit between the ID of the tool holder and cutting tool shank forms the seal, preventing the coolant from flowing anywhere else except through the cutting tool. Coolant grooves and coolant porting also available.



Memory High-strength Alloy



Balance Spec

G2.5 @ 25,000 rpms

Coolant Thru