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China SLS Industrial 3D Metal Printer Machine Pictures&Photos
China SLS Industrial 3D Metal Printer Machine Pictures&Photos
China SLS Industrial 3D Metal Printer Machine Pictures&Photos

SLS Industrial 3D Metal Printer Machine


SLS 3D Printer


We are mainly to produce Big industrial 3d Metal Printer for Ceramics use,SLS-400 is a newly upgraded printer specially designed for printing complex parts with refractory metals, ceramics and Nylon or polyethylene mixtures. It is widely used and can be customized.


1. Equipment weight and dimensions

Dimension (mm)



About 1500kg

2.Optical system



COHR_DIAMOND_C-55_SERIES CO2;48W(optional 55W)

Beam expander 


Dynamic focusing system


Beam size


Laser wavelength


Laser lifetime


Laser cooling mode

control accuracy

Air cooled, temperature


3. Scanning system

Adopt SCANLAB high precision scanning system

High precision scanning galvanometer

Velocity, Max 2m/s

Scanning galvanometer

Max displacement velocity, 7m/s

Scanning lens

Constant temperature compensation calibration, fresh air protection device with real-time protection for the lens without pollution.

Focusing lens

F-theta lens

Printing speed


Printing precision


4.Software system

Operating system

Windows 7, 64 bits

Dissection software

Magics (Chinese or English version)

3D model data format

STL file or other convertible format

Control software

Self-development, Open-source operable system

Intelligent control 

Supporting unattended automated operation and printing, without software conversion waiting for many times

Operation interface

17.3 inch LCD, humanized operation platform

Model dissection thickness


5. Control system


220V 50/60Hz 20A 48W (single-phase power)

Electronic control system

PLC digital display control system and assembly.

Manual/automatic control

Can switch freely.

Emergency control

Self-protection measures, self-diagnosis function, safety protection, automatic fault alarm and data recording function when power failure, emergency shutdown or other faults

Working condition

Ambient temperature in 5~40℃ and non-condensing humidity

Inert gas protection

Consumption less than 40~60L/h

6. Working chamber

Max forming part dimensions (mm)


Part-tray load


Powder cylinder volume


Powder paving method

One-way flexible scraper laying powder

Repeatability of Z axis positioning accuracy


Layer thickness


Humanized fully pop-up piston system

Supporting the more convenient and thorough replacement of different materials.

7. Safety system

Emergency stop button

Can automatically stop the equipment immediately when abnormal condition occurs

Oxygen analyzer

Real-time monitoring the oxygen content with alarm function.

Safety lock

Prevent the hatch door to be opened when working

8. Powder feeding system

Feeding mode

Two cylinder two-way powder feeding

Powdered mode

Feeding powder by precision screw rod

Powder collecting mode

Adopt quick dismantling drop-down powder cylinder.

9. Smoke filter system

High precision filtration system 

Equipped two-stage filters with 0.1μm precision

Filtration emission level

H13 level

Internal circulation system and fresh air system 

Ensure the forming cabin be not polluted by smoke, the accuracy of laser power output and the consistency of the outline of laser spot.

10. Applicable materials

Mixtures of refractory metals, ceramics and Nylon or polyethylene