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China RoHS Analyzer xrf Gold Testing Machine Pictures&Photos
China RoHS Analyzer xrf Gold Testing Machine Pictures&Photos
China RoHS Analyzer xrf Gold Testing Machine Pictures&Photos

RoHS Analyzer xrf Gold Testing Machine


Element Analysis Instrument


·   Triple radiation protection system (software, hardware, Labyrinth design) protect operator from radiation harm;

·   Adapting new design with optical path, which maximally solves negative effect of air optical path for Cl element measurement to guarantee Cl element stability;

·   The new optimized V8.0 analysis software can auto set the ray tube power according to the sample material, shape and size. It can prolong the life time of ray tube and also fully play detector’s function and increase measurement precision greatly;

·   Combined with series of advanced spectrum processing method including FFT, precise background deductive method, automatic peak search and Quasi-Newton optimize calculation etc;

·   International advanced XRF analysis software which combines with several traditional analysis method such as empirical coefficient method and the fundamental parameter method (FP method),  theoretical α coefficient method and so on, guarantees the precision of measuring data;

·   Software can issue report by format Excel, PDF;

hine is reasonable. The operation is simple and easy to learn. The test result is stable and accuracy.


Detector system


Be window thickness: 1mil (0.0254mm)

Best resolution rate: 145±5eV

System peak to background ratio: ≥ 6200/1

Energy response range: 1keV ~ 40keV

Recommend counting rate: 5000cps

X ray tube

Voltage: 0 ~ 50 kV

Max. current: 1.0 mA

Max. power: 50 W

Filament voltage: 2.0V

Filament current: 1.7 A

Radiation out degree: 12°

Target material: Mo

Be window thickness: 400um

High voltage power supply  

Input voltage: DC +24V±10%

Input current: 4.25A (max)

Output voltage: 0 -50KV & 1mA

Max power: 50W

Voltage regulation: 0.01% (From no load to full load)

Current regulation: 0.01% (From no load to full load)

Ripple ratio: Prior to the stable output voltage, ripple voltage

peak value is 0.25% of the highest output voltage.

8 hours stability: ≤0.05%

Test platform

Test platform with fine-tuning device external of the instrument, combine with 1.3 million pixel HD CCD, which can easily position sample accurately to avoid inaccurate result.

High resolution CCD

1.3 million pixel HD CCD camera can be able to observe the measuring area real time and take pictures for test report.

Cooling system

High efficiency 3D cooling system improves the reliability and stability of instruments greatly.