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China Planetary mixer Pictures&Photos
China Planetary mixer Pictures&Photos

Planetary mixer


Cerment Mixer

1、 Transmission

The transmission device adopts the hard tooth surface reducer of the external well-known reducer manufacturer, with stable and reliable quality.The internal drive of mixer adopts large module gear drive, with high reliability, strong stability, long service life, long maintenance cycle, simple structure, convenient disassembly and less workload.Through the power output by the transmission device, the mixing arm makes both rotation and revolution, and the scraper arm makes revolution, so that the mixing movement has both revolution and revolution, the mixing movement track is complex, the mixing movement is strong, the mixing cycle is short, the efficiency is high, the mixture is uniform and the quality is high.Our company adopts double motor reducer structure for 1.5-square vertical axis planetary mixer, and three motor reducer structure for more than 2-Square vertical axis planetary mixer, which makes the start and operation of mixer more stable, stress more reasonable, noise less and maintenance more convenient. The transmission device specially designed by our company is stable and reliable, with stable operation and low noise, and has applied for patent.

2、 Mixing device
Optimize the shape, size and installation angle of the mixing blade and scraper blade, make the mixing movement more efficient, the load distribution of the transmission device more reasonable, and better avoid the phenomenon of sticking and accumulating materials.

The mixing arm adopts streamline profile and is designed with special streamline profile wear-resistant protective cover, which reduces the adhesion rate of materials, improves the service life of the mixing arm and is easy to clean.The mixing arm adopts clamp block type clamping structure, which is convenient for disassembly and maintenance.

3、 High pressure cleaning device
The independent high-pressure cleaning device is designed and equipped, which has high cleaning water pressure and fast cleaning speed, reduces the water consumption of internal and external cleaning of mixer tank, improves the working efficiency of mixer cleaning, completely improves the quality of mixer cleaning, solves the problem of cleaning after mixer working, and has the advantages of environmental protection, high efficiency and convenience.The spray pipe is equipped with a stainless steel spiral spray nozzle, which spray water in the form of fog and covers a large area, so that the materials are stirred more evenly.

4、 Discharge door device
According to different requirements of customers, one to three discharge doors can be set. Specially designed sealing device is adopted on the discharge door to ensure the reliability of sealing and better environmental protection performance.The switch of discharge door adopts the engineering hydraulic cylinder with buffer device, which ensures the stability and reliability of opening and closing the door.

China Planetary mixer Pictures&Photos