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China Pallet Stretch Film Wrapping Machine Pictures&Photos
China Pallet Stretch Film Wrapping Machine Pictures&Photos

Pallet Stretch Film Wrapping Machine


Wrapping Machine


1.It is suitable for mass goods of container transportation and bulk, tray of packaging

2.It is widely used for the following industries, such as glass products, hardware tools, electric products, paper-making, ceramics, chemicals, food, drink, building materials and more

3.It is the ideal choice in promoting product packaging grade, because it is able to improve logistics efficiency and reduce transport process loss with dust, moisture, lower the packaging cost and more

4.It can start packaging process with a remote control device artificially, can be used for the forklift or remote control to run automatically

5.With film agencies, people only need to put film, then it will accomplish automatic continuous packaging of the whole roll of film




1.Wrapping size: (800-1,100)x(800-1,200)mm

2.Wrapping height:L type: 500-1,800mm

H type: 500-2,400mm

3.Wrapping speed: 30-50/hr

4.Turntable speed: 0-12rpm

5.Pneumatic system working pressure: 0.6-1.0MPa

6.Pneumatic system gas consumption: 1,000mL/min

7.Turntable size: diameter 1,650mm, height 330mm

8.Turntable loading: 2,000kg

9.Power: 1.52kW/AC 220V

10.Dimensions: 2,745x1,650x2,530(3,130)mm

11.Weight: 900kg