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China PP PE Films Single Stage Plastic Pelletizer Machine Pictures&Photos
China PP PE Films Single Stage Plastic Pelletizer Machine Pictures&Photos

PP PE Films Single Stage Plastic Pelletizer Machine

ML85/33~ML180/33 (Single stage )

Plastic Pelletizer Machine


Main Features
1) Single stage extruder and double stage extruders can be used according to user's requirement or material condition.
2) Plastic pelletized polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polystyrene (PS), polyvinyl chloride (pvc), PET, HDPE, ABS and other engineering plastics or general plastics recycling and granulation.
3) Granules cutting type: water ring face cutting, strip/noodle type cutting and hot cutting;
4) Waste woven bags and waste film can be directly put into the granulation line without crushing.
5) The main engine is equipped with full automatic control cabinet and PLC operating system. It is easy to operate and has stable performance.
6) Low energy consumption, remarkable energy saving effect, high output, mechatronics. Plastic granulation


In order to recycle waste plastics, waste plastic need to be washed, dried then melted, plasticized, extruded into strips, cooled by cooling system, and cut into granules by granulator. These granules are further processed into various plastics products by blowing, injection and calendering.