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China Desktop Pneumatic Marking Machine Pictures&Photos
China Desktop Pneumatic Marking Machine Pictures&Photos

Desktop Pneumatic Marking Machine


Metalworking, Cutting Tools


In the industrial field, it is often necessary to leave a permanent mark on the surface of the product, which is usually used as a trademark, flow number, date and so on for easy tracking in the future. Working Principle: The computer controls the printing needle to move along a certain trajectory in the X and Y two-dimensional plane. At the same time, the printing needle makes high frequency impulse motion under the action of compressed air, thus printing a mark with a certain depth on the workpiece. Operation process: operator computer controller stepping motor control XY direction translation engraving characters or patterns. Printing needle (usually replaced once a year, according to the use frequency and hardness of the workpiece; in fact, customers can also polish on the fine oil stone themselves, which can greatly extend the actual use time of the printing needle.) Our printing needle is made of whole cemented carbide, which abandons the traditional inlaid cemented carbide method in China. Therefore, it has a very long service life and almost no consumption.

Product Application

Applicable to all kinds of industrial spare parts, automobile spare parts, motorcycle spare parts, batch number, date, trademark, product serial number, VIN number and so on.

Product Features

● Arbitrary pattern text

● Greater concave depth and good permanence, providing traceability in the future

● Users directly mark the output through ordinary computers

● High frequency vibration of printing needle (300 times per second), marking can be more coherent and smooth and no trace can be seen

● Printing pipeline number easily (Serial Number)

● Any metal or nonmetal. (Hardness should not exceed HRC60)

● Imported fittings linear guide

● SMC solenoid valve in Japan

● The base of metal casting is more stable

● Large cylindrical lifting is more flexible and firm

● USB interface is more convenient

Technical Specification


Pneumatic Marker

Marking Range


Marking Depth


Printing Direction

Duplex Printing

Air Pressure


Processing Customized


Marking Speed


Marking Height




Packing Type

 Foam, Case