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China DC Hipot Tester Pictures&Photos
China DC Hipot Tester Pictures&Photos

DC Hipot Tester


Puncture & Insulation Tester / Hipot Tester


‘RE’ DC High Voltage Test Set is used for testing cables, generators and other electrical equipment as per National and International specifications. The unit consists of variac, transformer, rectifier, condenser, bleeder, filter, etc. All the components are housed in sheet metal housing or specially designed fiberglass housing which are coated with anti tracking paints.




Input Voltage 

220/230V or 380/400, 50HZ / 60HZ AC Supply

Output Voltage

Up to 500kV


Up to 1000mA

Duty Cycle

Continous for Testing or 15 minutes at full load


Type 1- The unit can be manual control for voltage variation and push button controlled for HT actuation.
Type  2- The unit can be complete with on board digitized panel with or without computer connectivity.
Type  3- The unit can be PLC based complete with computer, HMI memory, printer etc. for operation.


The metering can be provided via resistive voltage divider for direct HT voltage and current measurement


The negative and positive terminal  are brought out on suitable insulator. Positive and negative polarirty can be supplied on earth potential on request.


The unit consist of fast acting DC relay which actuates instantaneously if the testing current goes beyond the preset level.
The HV will not acuate if the variac is not at zero position ( To protect the transformer  against transient on HV side and to protect the operator)


Silicon diodes with RC networks are used for rectifictaion in bridge or double or multiplier or half wave circuit.


A suitable cpacity filter is added to ensure that the ripple is less than 2%.