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China Carton Box Date Coding Machine Pictures&Photos
China Carton Box Date Coding Machine Pictures&Photos
China Carton Box Date Coding Machine Pictures&Photos

Carton Box Date Coding Machine

Model A-100,A-200

Inner Tube Printer


1) Print Height: 14mm. 21mm, 36mm, 40mm, 50mm

2) DOT Matrix: 5*7 or 7 * 7 or 16 * 10 

3) Speed: 40M/Minute

4) Memory: 30 printing information, at most 120 characters to everyone

5) Printer Object: Automatic clock, date, products counting, lot numbers, graphics

6) Operate Interface: Chinese, English

7) Function: Easy to switch interface, delay print, overturn of fonts, Cleaning by a key, setting the photoelectric Sensors.

8) Print Material: Kraft carton, coated carton, woven bags, glass, metal, wooden, paint surface etc

9) Print Distance: 5-30mm

10) Ink: Fast-dry ink based oil, invisible ink, environment-friendly ink

11) Modular Design: power source module, circuit module, ink cycle module  

12) Power: AC220V / 380V /110V 50HZ /60HZ  


Can make graphics and design directly via the touch screen

Help you  check the reporting features of printing

Can be realized in the direction of the various mobile printing

For as many as nine times bold print

Automatic calendar printing function (hours, minutes, date, month and year)

The number of batch setting and printing

The count of the increasing and decreasing printing

Automatic repeat printing function

Can synchronous printing for the Speed instability  production line



Model A-100,A-200

Printing height

10 to   60mm

Printable Content

Printable Content digit,   Chinese, English,Character,Graph etc.

Jet printing speed

Print Speed 0.1m/min to 60   m/min

Storage of Information

Memory Capacity 1000   messages,at most 1000 characters each

The   software function

Software Function auotomatic clock/date,   products counting,lot numbers

Operation   Function

Operation Function easy to switch interface,   delay print,fonts overturn,cleaning by a key, setting the photoelectric   sensors.


Power Supply 220V,50HZ

Printing Ink

Ink   type fast-dry ink, black/red ink,invisible ink,florescence ink

Spraying Distance

Print distance 0-30mm

Printing Material

Printable   Substrate kraft, coated carton,woven bags,glass,steel,wood etc.

Power Supply