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China Cable Puller Wire Rope Hoist Pictures&Photos
China Cable Puller Wire Rope Hoist Pictures&Photos

Cable Puller Wire Rope Hoist


Lifting&Rigging, Material Handling& Storage


The electric wire rope hoist is a kind of loading transporting devise which is used for vertical lifting and horizontal moving. The S.W.L. (safety working load) has been marked on the Examine plan table and equipment Label. Meanwhile during the operation, FEM working class, safety working time and starting times. The can be installed on fixed structure and also can move through right track. 


Design Structure

According to the working environment and hoist weight.

Design Basis

Non-corrosive medium indoor

Working Temperature

Between -10 °C and 40 °C

Normal operation

Between 40 °C and 80 °C

Shortened service life

Above 80 °C

The hoist does not work


For the special operation environment and situation, the manufacture should be informed before operation.