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China CMM 3D Coordinate Measuring Machine Pictures&Photos
China CMM 3D Coordinate Measuring Machine Pictures&Photos

CMM 3D Coordinate Measuring Machine


Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)



   All core components and software are originally imported;

   Guideways  are  made  of  high-precision  natural  granite,  which  have  the  same  temperature  characteristics  and rigidity;

   Guideway X, Y and Z are surrounded by air floating blocks to ensure the linearity of motion;

   High-precision self-cleaning air bearing is used for the permanently wear-resistant guideways of all the three axes for more steady operation; 

  Open metallic optical scale with coefficient of thermal expansion closer to granite matrix  improves the stability of the machine;

   With  three-axis pneumatic  locking, all  the  three axes are provided with a micro-feed structure that combines  the convenience of manual operation with the accuracy of automatic operation;

   Guideway X and Y are vertically installed rectangular guideways that provide the maximum bending strength;


Measuring Strokes:                                                 X:500mm  Y:600mm  Z:500mm

Structure:                                                               Moving Bridge

Resolution:                                                             0.4μm

Vision Error:                                                           E3 = (3.0 + L/300) μm (L unit: mm)

Volumetric probing Error:                                      R = 1.5μm

Machine Bearing:                                                   300kg

Overall Gross Weight:                                            580 kg

Operate Manner:                                                    Manual

Measuring System:                                                UK Renishaw steel scale                        

Worktable:                                                               High Precision Marble Flat Roof

Leading Track:                                       High Precision Marble Leading Track + High Precision air bearing