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China Automatic hydraulic pressing machine Pictures&Photos
China Automatic hydraulic pressing machine Pictures&Photos

Automatic hydraulic pressing machine


Brick Molding Machine

Adopting servo electro-hydraulic control system, it has features of energy conservation, silent operation and high efficiency.The feeding efficiency is higher by adopting the concealed high frequency micro-vibration and variable frequency feeding system.It can produce high-strength paving bricks with topping color, slope-protect bricks, terrazzo tiles, clay bricks, etc.

Main technical features

1、Energy saving: adopt hybrid servo motor that’s 30% more energy-efficient than regular one

2、Accurate material feeding:The feeding cart is able to adjust material metage according to different size of bricks .

3、Low noise, material feeding fast and well-proportioned:adopt servo motor on feeding cart and vibration table light shock,system to fasten the,feeding speed and reduce noise.

Technical data

Maximum pressure 8000KN
Dimension(LxWxH) 6430×2250×4760mm
Rated hydraulic pressure 31.5MPa
Static pressing adopt feeding vibrating, pressing formation
Adaptable block height 45~150mm
pallet size PVC 1150×1100×(25-28)mm
steel pallet 1150×1100×12mm
cycle time 14-22s/pall
main machine power 83.6 kW
output porous brick(240×115×90mm) 32pieces
holland brick(200×100×60mm) 45pieces
solid brick(240×53×115mm) 56pieces