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China Automatic Packaging Production Line  Pictures&Photos
China Automatic Packaging Production Line  Pictures&Photos
China Automatic Packaging Production Line  Pictures&Photos

Automatic Packaging Production Line


Packaging Production Line
Filling Production Line


 This automatic production line is deisgned and manufactured for filling in Bottles / Pots / Cans / Cartons and Cases etc

 The whole line working process as: Loading Bulk Materials to Vibrated Hopper  —— Feeding materials to Elevator through vibration —— Elevator lifting materials to Weighing / Filling Machine (2-head linear weight filler) —— 2-head Filler finish dosing and filling to receiving bottles through Throat Metal Detector —— Metal Detector inspects the materials if include metal / steel OR not —— Bottle-feeding Rotary Table pass bottles to Index Belt Conveyor ——  Photoelectric Sensor Controlling the Pots moving and stop to fill —— Index Belt Conveyor transport filled bottles to Capping Machine —— Auto close caps —— Pass capped bottles to Thermo Sealing Machine —— Heating and sealing the caps —— Pass sealed bottles to Collect Rotary Table


Typically weighing and packing Rice, Sugar, Frozen Foods, Seeds, Grain, Ice Cube, Snack Foods, Nuts and Pulses, Tea and Coffee, Dried Foods, Pet Foods, Dry Baby Foods,  Melon Seeds, Food Additives, Chicken Essence, Granola, Muesli, Fertilizer, Feed, Black Cumin, Currant,  Pistachios, Berries, Potato Chips, Chocolate Nuts, Fodder, Tablet, Pepper etc.

China Automatic Packaging Production Line  Pictures&Photos


 Model  WL-S29
 Material Feeding  Z Shape Modular Elevator
 Filling Machine  2-head Linear Weight Filler
 Filler Capacity  8000ml to each Hopper
 Metal Detection  Throat Metal Detector
 Empty Bottle Feeding  Rotary Bottle-feeding Table
 Belt Conveyor  Index Belt Conveyor
 Close Caps  Auomatic Capping Machine
 Sealing Method  Thermo Sealing Machine
 Output Collecting  Rotary Output Collect Table
 Control Panel  7" Touch Screen
 Control System  MCU + Modular PCB board
 Building Materials  SUS304 stainless steel
 Power  220V50/60Hz, 1Phase