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China Argon Purifier Pictures&Photos
China Argon Purifier Pictures&Photos

Argon Purifier

KMK-Y-IE Series

Testing Equipment


1)Humanized design, small size, light weight, simple and smooth installation and operation, energy saving and environmental protection;            

2)High purity purification, high-tech synthesis reactor for core components, imported high-end precious metal materials, nano adsorption technology design, replacing the traditional tower structure, is a revolution of argon purification method;            

3)The effect of nitrogen removal is excellent. The synthesis reactor adopts solid-state filtration, physical adsorption, chemical catalytic reaction and other multistage purification methods. The high-purity refined argon can reach 99.9999% (nitrogen content ≤ 0.2ppm);            

4)The synthesis reactor can be regenerated repeatedly and operated in one key mode. During regeneration, high purity argon gas can be output normally without hydrogenation, shutdown and safety;            5) Gas powder filter (filter powder diameter < 6 μ) shall be installed at the input and output ends of argon;            6) Adopt high quality imported stainless steel pipeline and valve accessories to ensure high quality refined argon output;            

7)It can be equipped with various output connection adapters, which can be used together with various brands of spectrometers at home and abroad;            

8) Low failure rate, electrical components are subject to long-term aging test.


Argon is a kind of rare inert gas which is easy to get and cheap for Zui. Because of its high density, low thermal conductivity and stable chemical and physical properties, it is widely used in scientific research, metallurgy, electronics, lighting, chemical industry, atomic energy, national defense and other fields. However, high purity argon is needed in spectrometer, semiconductor production, gas chromatograph, special bulb, rare metal processing and other industries.




Working pressure

0.2-1 MPa

Purification capacity



Test executive standard

GB/T 4842-2006

Power supply



2.2 KW

Boundary dimension (L × W × H)